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Volker Schmitz, Hamburg, GermanyVolker Schmitz is a young German composer (see his Meditation Music on iTunes), flamenco and classical guitarist, teacher of Tai Chi, Qigong, and Buteyko breathing classes in Hamburg. He studied Wushu and meditation under the guidance of world class athletes and healers from China, and learned about the Buteyko and other breathing techniques from Dr. Artour Rakhimov.

More info about Volker Schmitz (MA)
– Studied musicology and sinology in Hamburg.
– Graduated with work about Edmund Husserl (Note 1.0)
– Won a grant from CFG-Spain (Contemporary Flamenco Guitar) in 2012
– Played in a Gamelan Orchestra in Hamburg
– Studied ear training under Prof. Bruno de Greeve
– Plays different instruments like Didgeridoo, different drums, Gong, flamenco guitar, classical guitar etc.
– Studied Wushu and meditation for long under the guidance of some world class athletes and artists from China. He learned:
Taiji (太极), Qigong (气功), Bagua (八卦), Xingyi (形意), Shaolingongfu (少林功夫), Löwentanz (wushi/ 舞师) und Opernakrobatik (xijuzajiyishu/ 戏曲杂技艺术).

Volker Schmitz, from Hamburg, GermanyHis Chinese teachers were Fei Yujiao, the winner of the official wushu championchips in China 1985 (her nephew Fei Baoxian won the worldchampionchips 2001), Zhang Anji who is several times medalist in Chinas wushu championships and Ye Ankang, who is a professional opera acrobat and wushu grandmaster. He studied mostly in weekly private lessons for more than 10 Years and performed in China and Europe. He managed a wushu school for many years and worked for Meridian Spa, Sportspass, Defending Team Hamburg, VW-Germany, Wushu-Zentrum-Hamburg and others.

He is also breathing practitioner, who learned from Dr. A. Rakhimov under personal guidance for long, who is writer of bestselling books. Dr. Rakhimov also made the worlds largest website about breathing. V.Schmitz currently builds the german version of the website normalbreathing.com (atmungnormal.de), composes and translates books for the normalbreathing project.

Volker Schmitz, Buteyko teacher from Hamburg, GermanyVolker Schmitz studied many different shamanic techniques (music, drumming, herbs, mushrooms, mantra, ritual etc.) and Yoga which included reading of more than 1000 books as well as many secret rituals (sometimes with other shamans) and discussions with other teachers to intensify his understanding of the meditation and healing abilities of the human race. For info about meditation from Wikipedia, click here.

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