Om of Gong: Meditation Music by Volker Schmitz

YouTube trailer: Om of Gong: Mediation Music to Relax and Heal
Meditation is getting more and more popular. Note that we believe that the goal of meditation is to make changes in the brain manifested in new synaptic connections and transition from stressed betta waves into more coherent alpha waves (and even theta- and delta waves) so that a person is renewed by having a new outlook on life and a different behavior. This relates to expression of negative emotions and addictions to drugs, alcohol, smoking, gambling, and other substances and activities.

We are currently working on development and application of this meditation music for breathing exercises in order to combine an improved physiology of the brain with its improved neuronal structure. Follow for updates on the NormalBreathing Facebook page or via Twitter.

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Meditation Music

Volker, meditation music composer
While meditation is very popular among millions of people, less than 1% of people know how to get maximum benefits from meditation or more specifically how to breathe during meditation.

This blog provides information about Meditation Music by Volker Schmitz, but it will also gives you an idea how to meditate for maximum health and mind-body benefits.

You can read about Volker Schmitz here: About Volker Schmitz.

Also, check out Volker’s breathing website. It is in German since he lives in Hamburg. The Homepage of his site has this address: Atmung Normal, while an effective home remedy to unblock the nose with a breathing exercise is here: NIE MEHR NASE VERSTOPFT.

As about effects of meditation on health, very few people are aware that top clinical trials on asthma and even cancer (latest oncology research) applied a breathing technique that is based on mindful meditation. “The Vigyan Bhairav Tantra” is ancient Sanskrit text that outlines 112 meditation techniques. In fact, first 5 meditation methods that are suggested in this book are breathing exercises. One of those breathing exercises is similar to the legendary Buteyko reduced breathing exercise taught by Buteyko practitioners.

If you want to know more about courses and classes for Buteyko practitioners, visit and see the page about Buteyko practitioner training. This course is taught by a breathing teacher and trainer Dr. Artour Rakhimov who also has many books on breathing on Amazon and his NormalBreathing site.

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